Garden Visit – Hyde Hall, Chelmsford, UK. |
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Garden Visit – Hyde Hall, Chelmsford, UK.

Here’s to a great armchair garden visit – minus the jetlag, packed thermos and damp shoes!

I was lucky to get some great pics from my mum (a genuine UK native) who is enjoying the balmy weather in the UK this month. As part of her travels, she visited the very amazing Hyde Hall in Chelmsford.

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A little history to get you started. There were only six trees on the top of a windswept hill and no garden when it was bought by Dr and Mrs Robinson in 1955. The site was cold and windy, the top of the hill was covered in gravel and the soil on the slopes comprised a sticky clay.

Today, Hyde Hall is one of four public gardens run by the Royal Horticultural Society comprising amazing trees, lake, orchard and incredible dry garden which is a great display of drought-tolerant planting.

One of my favourite additions is the hay meadows which have been planted as wildflower meadows. If you are a frequent visitor to my Pinterest page you will see I am a big fan of this style of planting!

     Source : UKgardenphotos

The Queen Mother’s Garden is full of ‘everyday garden’ favourites including Echinacea, Agapanthus, Allium and Veronicastrum. Great ideas for home gardening as the plants in this section are hardy and able to be grown anywhere!

Like all of the fabulous gardens in the RHS ‘family’, they are constantly evolving and adding new plants and structures. Definitely worth a visit at different times of the year.

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At RHS Hyde Hall another great feature is the labelled plants – lets hope mum remembered her pen and paper for me!

Want more meadow planting or perennial planting ideas click here.

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Daniel Tyrrell