Great office spaces need green! |
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Great office spaces need green!

Being a landscaper has many perks and definitely one of them is that ‘my office’ is constantly changing and set in some fantastic locations! Never do I tire of being in the fresh air and enjoying all that Melbourne’s weather throws at me. On the flip side I am also forced to be indoors and do the ‘indoor’ tasks of the profession – design work, invoices, answering emails, etc.

Last year I was lucky enough to build a home office in my backyard.

During the planning stage, I did plenty of research into what things were necessary to make the space work – productivity, comfort, kitchen space ( a man needs to eat! ) and large desk space to lay out plans and large documents.

According to Mashable Australia, there are 7 main factors that  can greatly increase employee peace of mind and productivity.

These include ergonomics, lack of clutter, colour, lighting, the opportunity to move and adding plants to the workspace.

In my office, I have several different workspaces. From normal waist high to large bench spaces, there is the chance to move and readjust the back – mine is so used to being over a tool so the concept of sitting for an extended period of time is very foreign to me. Streamlining the space and avoiding too much clutter has been helpful in staying on task and getting even the menial tasks done.

Pops of colour are relaxing in the space and I definitely advocate the use of plants to create a calm atmosphere. If I cant be with the plants outside then this is a sure fire way to bring my outside in. A study from Texas A&M University found that plants increase workplace productivity and creative performance by up to 30 percent. Click here to read more.

Tips to green your office space.

1. Choose your pot first – the amount of space you have will determine what time of plant to choose.

2. Think about the light in your office. For rooms with low levels of light, choose shade-tolerant plants – those with large dark green leaves photosynthesise better than others, which means they need less light to live. Think Happy Palms, Peace Lily’s and the flavour of the month, the Fiddle Leaf FIg.

3. In areas with bright light choose plants with coloured or patterned leaves, including tropical plants, which usually grow in dappled sun conditions.

4. Like friends, you need to nurture them just right – not too much and not too little. Water more in the warmer months. Don’t forget to apply a six-monthly granule feed twice a year, in spring and autumn.

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Daniel Tyrrell