Not the sharpest tool in the shed |
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Not the sharpest tool in the shed

Confucius says ” He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.”

Well Confucius you were bloody right! It’s time to get the hands limbered and the tools ready to tackle the jobs of Spring – only 22 days to go – yes we are definitely counting after a cold Winter here in Melbourne.

I love this example of the ideal mini garden shed by Michelle Slatalla on Gardenista. Although I may not have this order and colour in my own garden shed, there are definitely a staple of tools that I buy and maintain to use year in and year out.

Niwaki Garden Secateurs

Described by UK Landscape Designer Monty Don as his favourite garden tool, these too are my favourite and my go to for Spring pruning. Even with cold wet hands or muddy gloves, these are easy to use due to their scissor type handles. Hand forged in the mountains of Yamagata Japan, these are the Rolls Royce of the gardening world. Click here to order.

Niwaki Garden Holster

There’s nothing worse than being up on a ladder or in a tree and not having your tools accessible – that’s why I also bought the Niwaki Garden Holster. Solid 4mm leather back board and 3mm front pockets, with belt loop. Starts off clean and pale but soon matures to a nice dark rich tone. Mine definitely looks a little more lived in than the one pictured below but it definitely does the job! Click here to order.

Digadoo Half Length Timber Shovel

Designed and hand crafted in Mittagong NSW, this is a fantastic addition to the shed. Comfortable, well balanced and beautifully made with stainless steel blades and spotted gum handles a Digadoo spade is definitely more than just a spade. Made to last this spade will hopefully outlast me! To see more from the Digadoo website click here.

Niwaki Topiary Clippers

Hand forged and razor sharp, these are so handy for one handed pruning of any cloud hedges. Pictured are my beauties that I have been using regularly for five years. The best part about these is they can be sent back to Niwaki, polished and sharpened at a minimal cost. On my to do list for this week! Here’s more from Niwaki.

Sneeboer Hand Held Hoe

I bought this beauty from local store Phillip & Lea in Kyneton. This is the candy store for gardeners! Available in ash or cherry handles accommodating lefties or right handed gardeners, this is a lightweight tool that makes reaching into garden beds from the path or lawn with ease! Again beautifully made, this is a long lasting addition to the shed. Order this one here.

Tumbleweed Composter

This simple garden contraption is the time poor gardeners answer to transforming home and garden waste into nutrient dense fertiliser for the garden. For my household of four, I can add four litres of kitchen scraps together with the shredded office paper each week and convert this to compost with little effort – just add to the bin and turn every few days for the waste to break down. Fits in any garden space and so simple to use! For more info and some great ideas for recycling click here.

So its now time to get out there and get garden organised.

Here’s some topiaries I prepared earlier.

So its now time to get out there and get garden organised.

Here’s some topiaries I prepared earlier.

Daniel Tyrrell