mifgs 2013 | Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes
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The Backyard Room

The aim was to create a space that is simple and restrained in its built form allowing the voice of the garden to speak louder, a garden with life. The inspiration for the garden was based on a meadow and how it has a life of its own with waves of transit colour and texture self seeding and colonising, in constant change. I wanted to capture the naturalistic essence of this and relate it to a backyard setting that would create emotion and atmosphere.

A modern functional office takes the place of the backyard shed with green roof, the perfect vantage for herbs. From your desk or deck there is year round conversation with a naturalistic sustainable drought hardy perennial bed with shrubs, herbs and grasses and room for them to do as they please as the seasons change. The lawn is also given space to breathe all but a functional cutting that meanders its way beneath the light shade of the towering oaks. I feel that this garden takes advantage of our limited outdoor space that normally is so eagerly sacrificed for hard lifeless landscaping. By allowing plants to be the focal point we ensure we always have a garden that is full of life.


June, 2013


melbourne international flower & garden show